The Emerald Cup is the Crown Jewel of cannabis cultural events, in my opinion. It is the greatest celebration of outdoor cannabis in Northern California and beyond. I have had the privilege of speaking on stage at the Emerald Cup on a few different occasions, and this one was special and unique.

What is the prevalence of cannabis use in professional sports? How do athletes use cannabis for mindset, recovery, treating pain or getting into a “flow state?” I got to be the scientist on stage alongside some incredible and entrepreneurial athletes including Al Harrington of Viola Cannabis, Jim McAlpine of the 420 Games, rugby player and CBD educator Anna Symonds, and former San Francisco 49er Nick Moody.

To say our culture idolizes elite athletes is an understatement. More and more athletes are stepping out of the shadows of stigma to speak their truth about cannabis, and play a part in the industry. These folks are among those who are leading the way.

The Emerald Cup

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