Without a doubt, the topic of Delta-8 THC continues to be both popular and poorly understood. This invited webinar with Eric Sandy of Cannabis Business Times was really enjoyable!

I get invited to panel discussions that sometimes are a little overloaded with voices, so it’s nice to have a conversation where I can hold down the science of cannabinoid pharmacology and formulation, while legal details are covered by an expert like Justin Walsh, of Gleam Law, PLLC.

We give an introductory narrative of what delta-8 THC is, how it is made from hemp-extracted CBD, and why it has appeared everywhere on the market, thanks to low CBD prices and the loophole provided by the 2018 US Farm Bill. From there, I discuss concerns about contaminants and unknown isomers within finished products, and how d8 labeling is wildly inaccurate. We both share thoughts on risk for producers and consumers.

Gregory L. Gerdeman

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