I have been involved with the Society of Cannabis Clinicians for many years, and it is such an honor to be a featured instructor in SCC’s new and improved clinical training curriculum. If one wants to understand the science of how cannabis has such diverse uses as a medicine, it is necessary to learn about the incredible robustness of the ECS.

This module can be purchased as a stand-alone lecture, or as part of the SCC clinical training curriculum. Please see details at the link. From the course description:

“Greg Gerdeman, Ph.D. presents the fundamentals of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Upon completion, learners will be able to describe the key components of the ECS including cannabinoid receptors and the effect of endocannabinoids on physiologic systems. Course participants will become familiar with the molecular players of the ECS. The course also explores the major known actions of plant cannabinoids and the pharmacology of cannabis at the cellular and systems levels. Learn the essential knowledge to discuss the ECS as a biological rationale for cannabis as medicine.

*Includes a certificate of completion”