Here is my appearance as a guest on the Medicinal Genomics Coffee Talk podcast with host Ben Amirault, from December 2021. If you don’t know, Medicinal Genomics is a pioneering company that is at the forefront of applying the science and technology of genomics to improving cannabis cultivation and breeding. This company truly engages in original research and hypothesis testing, as well as serving the industry with services like DNA-based sex testing, viroid detection and more. MG also puts on CannMed, which is one of the premier cannabis science conferences annually.

I recommend following Medicinal Genomics Coffee Talk wherever you do podcasts. Feel free to start with a listen to my take on delta-8 THC and other synthetic cannabinoids.

From the intro: “Greg Gerdeman, PhD is a neuroscientist and educator with expertise in the physiological actions of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. Recently, Greg has gotten involved in the conversation around Delta-8 THC. He comes at the topic from a neuroscientist’s perspective questioning how much we know about how Delta-8 THC affects the body and the brain. He also raises important questions about how the compound is created and what that means for consumer safety and the legality of Delta-8 THC products.”

Greg Gerdeman with Ben Amirault

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